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Soaring the skies with the Blue Angels

EL CENTRO, Calif.,- If anyone is an expert in handling a rush of  adrenaline, it has to be the Blue Angel pilots.  Every year the Blue Angels invite people that impact the youth in the community and all to share the experience of what a Blue Angel does.

Flying an F-18 Jet Hornet that can reach a speed of close to two thousand miles per hour, can take a toll on your body.  These blue and yellow aircraft’s soar through the Imperial Valley skies from January through March.  Since the Blues call the Naval Air Facility El Centro their home away from home.

Lieutenant pilot Tyler Davis says it’s important to not only talk about what it’s like to be a pilot, but to share the full experience.”Showcasing that pride of professionalism and show what your Navy Marine Corp. does on a daily basis both here in the States and abroad,” says Davis.

An experience I had the luck to live.  Everything from strapping into the cockpit to battling “G-Force Monsters” in the air, a force I failed to beat. High-speed twirls, flipping, stomach turning, ears plugging due to experiencing positive and negative G-Forces.  Experiencing all that in one flight, made it very hard to stay calm.

This was definitely an experience I can say I did, but will never do again. An amazing flight I will never forget.



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