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San Luis Intersection Closed for New Pipeline Installation

San Luis Intersection Closed for New Pipeline Installation

The City of San Luis is adding a new pipeline for a storm drainage system.

Senior Community Relations Officer, Gabby Kemp for ADOT Yuma District says, “First avenue intersection is very important and we wanted to let the public know that it is going to be closed while we complete the storm and sewage drainage installation.”

The drainage system extends straight through the center of the intersection so there’s no way around it, but Kemp mentions for safety reasons it must be closed to the general public.

Kemp adds, “They can use alternate routes at their discretion there are several other routes than can be used other than that particular intersection.”

The City of San Luis needs storm drain improvement and the new pipelines will really help the area when it rains.

Kemp says, “These are necessary improvements that the county needs that the city needs and we’re happy to be good partners in helping them install this complex storm drain system throughout the downtown area.”

With the intersection being in a residential area Kemp encourages people to slow down around the construction zone.

Kemp adds, “We ask the public that they just really pay attention to the posted speed limits that are posted around the area.

With a lot going on in a small radius ADOT asks the public to be sure to keep your eyes on the road without any distractions.

Kemp says, “That they look out for the construction zones, the workers. You know this is a complex involved project and we need the public to just really pay attention you know. Please don’t text and drive you know that’s the main thing.”

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