Man rescued from Black Hill

Man rescued from Black Hill

YUMA, Ariz. – Firefighters with the Yuma Fire Department (YPD) rescued a man stranded in Black Hill.

YFD got the call just after 8 p.m. Thursday. They responded to Black Hill, in the 200 Block of Eighth Street.

YFD officials say the caller reported he had fallen and possibly had broken his leg. He was not sure of his exact location but said he could see the radio antenna array on the top of the hill.

The victim reported seeing the emergency vehicles arriving; however, phone contact was soon lost. YFD Firefighters met with Yuma Police Department (YPD) Officers and began searching the area. YFD and YPD personnel were able to locate the victim on the rocky eastern slope of the hill, approximately 60 feet from the top. The victim reported to the rescuers that he had slipped and fallen approximately 30 feet down the slope.

The fall victim was treated by YFD Paramedics for non-life threatening injuries and carried by both YFD and YPD personnel to a waiting Paramedic Transport Unit. He was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment.


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