Making A Difference: Coach Richie Martin

YUMA, Ariz. – S.W.E.A.T, or South-West Elite Athletic Training, is dedicated to helping each and every athlete in Yuma County achieve their highest potential.

Richie Martin, head coach of SWEAT, said, “Well we’ve helped in last three years, over 20 kids, received full-ride scholarships or partial rides. So our program is geared towards helping the kids get to the next level.”

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Martin and the SWEAT coaching staff help the unrecognized get recognized.

Martin said, ”I like helping the kids, I like seeing the kids be successful in life. I believe that what we do helps the kids. It’s like a stepping stone, it builds steps for them for the future. They always say that the athletic talent here is not very good in Yuma, but I believe it’s pretty good, we just need the coaches to bring it out of kids.”

And Martin tells us they achieve this in a few ways.

“We do speed and agility and quickness for the younger kids and also the older kids. Try to teach them how to run early, so that way the high school coaches, when they do get these kids, they’re squared away and ready to go,” Martin said.

And the students and parents enjoy every minute.

“Well I like being in the program because it makes me better and it’s getting me ready for the football and flag football season,” said Trey Martin, son of Rich Martin and student at Castle Dome Middle School.

Max Perez, an athlete in training from Rancho Viejo Elementary School, said, “It helps me get better because I’m doing better drills and we need practice. Every one of these kids needs practice, because they want to get better at football, and sports like soccer, and basketball because of your speed.”

“You know it just makes the kids a lot better, and a better future for them. If I was you guys, bring your kids out here and have at it,” says Pat Perez, parent of an athlete in training.

Although at such a young age this may seem like fun and games, Martin stresses the most important goal of all.

Martin concludes, “A college education right now yearly is about $60,000, so if you can take $40,000 off the top of that, really a parents only paying a portion of what a college education is for. So we’re using athletics to gain academics.”


If you want to get your kid involved, contact SWEAT at Classes are only $5 and all the money goes towards the American Youth Football Program in Yuma.

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