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Lawmakers looking to put photo ID’s on EBT cards

Lawmakers looking to put photo ID’s on EBT cards

YUMA, Ariz- The Arizona House of Representatives approved a bill on Tuesday that would add a photo to welfare benefit cards.


This is after Republican Representative Justin Olson promised to get rid of provisions that would drop as many as 120,000 from federal benefit programs.

Adding photographs to benefits cards will cost Arizona taxpayers six million in year one. Those who support the bill say say the main goal by putting photo ID’s on the cards is to reduce fraud.


Many Yuma residents like the idea but would like to see those who abuse the system to get dropped from the benefits and give it to those who’re in need of food stamps.


One Yuman said, “I believe people that truly need food stamps should get them. But if they’re on the food stamp system, so called wagon and they’re used to them and not working or attempting to work I think it’s a bad idea.”

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