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Humane Society of Yuma nears full capacity

YUMA, Ariz. – The Humane Society of Yuma has provided second-chances for many animals… but they’re close to reaching full capacity. As HSOY marketing manager Lana Shapiro explains,  “In the past two days we have had 61 taken in and only 18 out”. Unfortunately if they continue to be at capacity… they will be forced to put some of the animals down. “And unfortunately euthanize fully healthy adoptable animals” Shapiro says it’s their last option. HSOY has gone for more than 106 days without having to put any animals down due to lack of space. “It all depends on how many animals we have if we can put more than one in a kennel we will to avoid making a list at all”

The Humane Society of Yuma says it’s nearly impossible to anticipate when their capacity will decrease but say residents can help, “​Come and adopt that is our biggest biggest issue”. Some residents have heard of the space issue the Humane Society is facing and came out to help. Yuma resident Don Mumna says “Their full right now and need everybody to come out and give somebody a home” ​The Humane Society says puppies cost 100 dollars and adult dogs are only 50 dollars. They have also cut the cost of cats, now adult cats are free. but they say adopting does
come with responsibilities “Making sure they have the appropriate resources to feed and you know to contain your
animal as well” says Lana Shapiro. HSOY says that space is their biggest issue in the Summer.

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