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Fire Tree Safety Tips For This Holiday Season

As you deck the halls this holiday season you want to make sure to be fire smart.

Battalion Chief, Charlie Smith says, “When they are putting their trees up I think the thing that they need to really worry about is picking especially if they’re picking a live tree something that they need to worry about is making sure that they pick one that’s fresh. They can run their hands over the leaves and if it stays in tack then that’s a good thing.”

If a fake tree catches fire it’ll light up as if gasoline has been doused on it however if you light up a real tree it’ll only burn what the fire touches.

Smith recommends replacing any new string of lights that worn out or not working properly.

Smith says, “Old stuff over the years can be bent and broken and it can be exposed wires which can contribute to a tree fire. Especially again in a dried out tree you want to stay away from any kind of sources that can start it on fire.”

Smith says L.A.D lights stay cool and draw a lot less energy and don’t heat up the wires as much.

Smith adds, “L.A.D lights have a lot less heat exposure to them. Old light bulbs can get a lot hotter and can help dry that tree out.


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