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AZ Presidential Preference Election March 22

YUMA, Ariz. – Arizona voters will get to participate in the state’s “Presidential Preference Election” Tuesday, March 22.

Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark said, “It’s an important time for people to get engaged and get involved. We are doing one of the most important things to do as citizens and that’s voting for our Chief Executive Officer of the free world.”

Registered voters of participating recognized political parties can cast their vote for who they prefer.

Officials say you are required to vote within the party you are registered under. You can’t vote outside your party, since it is a partisan election.

Mary Martinez, Yuma County interim election director, said, “We have a lot of Independents, but it’s only open to Republican, Democrat, or Green party.”

The Presidential Preference election is not a primary election. The primary election will be held August 30.

Clark said, “This is a fun time for people who enjoy the system, because engagement is noticeable. This is a race of popularity race of enthusiasm motivation, if you don’t get behind them and these people don’t move you, they can die as they move along throughout the process.”

You can vote early or you can go to the recorder’s office up until the Friday before the election.

Voting will be held at seven voting centers on March 22. Vote centers open at 6:00 a.m. and close 7:00 p.m. Voters may choose any one of the following locations to cast their ballot:
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Center
300 S. 13th Avenue – Yuma
Yuma Civic Center
1440 W. Desert Hills Drive – Yuma
Community Christian Church
6480 E. Highway 95 – Yuma
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
11545 E. 40 Street – Yuma
Somerton Library
240 Canal Street – Somerton
San Luis City Hall – Multi-Use Room
1090 E. Union Street – San Luis
First Southern Baptist Church of Wellton
11711 Williams Street – Wellton

If you want to change the party you are registered under, it’s too late for this election, but you can contact the Yuma County recorder’s office or go online to for future elections.

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